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  • Président’s guide to cheese accompaniments

    Tips to choose the right variety of pairings to accompany Président cheese

    Président’s guide to cheese accompaniments

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    Cheese Accompaniments

    A quality cheese board is a symphony of colours, flavours and tastes. The flavour of a cheese will change and can be intensified by pairing with specific accompaniments. Here are our tips to choosing the right variety of pairings for your favourite Président cheese.



    The beauty of Président Camembert, is that it marries beautifully with both sweet or savoury accompaniments! If you’re feeling fruity, try pairing your Camembert with a range of fresh fruits such as apples, pears, grapes and berries. This creamy cheese can also be enriched by the sweetness of honey. For those after something savoury, cured meats such as salami and prosciutto as well as and dry nuts complement Camembert perfectly.


    Président Camembert cheese pairs with prosciutto, grapes, dry nuts, apples & berries



    Double Brie

    With a slight earthiness and a creamy texture, brie is the crowd pleaser of your cheeseboard. When considering your accompaniments for Président Double Brie, opt for both green and black olives, tapenades and a fruit chutney. If you want something a little stronger, consider cured meats, like bresaola, prosciutto or Serrano ham. Include slices of crusty bread or crackers to complement your Double Brie rather
    than overpower it.


    Président Double Brie cheese pairs with crusty bread, apricot chutney, olives, serrano ham & tapenade



    Triple Cream Brie

    Accompaniments will complement or contrast different characteristics in the cheese. The spreadable texture and extra creamy richness of Président Triple Cream Brie pairs excellently with a multitude of fruit chutneys, fresh fruits such as juicy pears and cured meats. Spread on thin, plain crackers or pair with walnuts or pecans to add crunch.


    Président Triple Cream Brie cheese pairs with pears, salami, crackers, cranberry chutney & walnuts


    Few foods can be served at so many different occasions as cheese. Whether you’re hosting a weekend lunch, an intimate dinner or an after-dinner spread, Président cheeses paired with their complementary accompaniments are guaranteed to provide a unique gourmet experience.

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