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What’s the difference between Brie & Camembert?

Brie and Camembert are both types of soft white cheese. Originally, Brie was made in an area south-east of Paris where the cattle grazed on stony river beds. Camembert was originally made a couple of hundred kilometres to the west, near the coast in Normandy, where a different breed of cattle grazed on lush green pastures. In addition, Brie and Camembert were made in different sizes: Brie a large flat wheel, Camembert a small round wheel. Both the raw ingredients and the differing surface areas resulted in the different tastes between the cheeses. Modern-day Brie and Camembert varieties are produced in many places, in many ways, throughout the world. Generally speaking, Brie is a smoother, creamier cheese with a subtle ‘mushroomy’ taste; and Camembert has a more robust flavour and is slightly sweeter.

I am lactose intolerant. Can I eat cheese?

Many cheeses contain less than one gram of lactose per serving. The ripening process breaks down most of the lactose, glucose and galactose in milk, making cheese easier to digest for individuals struggling with lactose intolerance.

I’m pregnant. Are there cheeses I should avoid?

Doctors generally discourage pregnant women from eating raw milk cheeses or very soft cheeses, as they might be more prone to develop undesirable bacteria.

Is cheese healthy?

Cheese provides most of the nutrients found in milk in concentrated form. Eating different varieties of cheese regularly is a flavourful way to help meet your body’s needs for calcium, protein, minerals and vitamins.

Are any of your cheeses gluten free?

Many of the cheeses we manufacture are from ingredients considered to be gluten free, but since we do not confirm this with testing, we refrain from making any such claims. We understand how important this subject is to many of our customers. Please check back with us from time to time. This is something that we are presently working on.

What’s the nutritional value of each Président Cheese?

Check out the Our Products page for a nutritional profile of all our cheeses.

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