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  • Cheese and drink pairings: Président’s definitive guide

    Cheese & Beverage Pairings - Président's Cheese Definitive Guide

    Cheese and drink pairings: Président’s definitive guide

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    Le fromage and le beverage: master the art of pairing these two great culinary pleasures.


    Each is delicious on its own, but by pairing your favourite cheese with a complementary wine or beer the taste and enjoyment of both can be significantly enhanced. Exploring different combinations can result in some unexpectedly delectable results!


    Whilst wine and cheese have gone hand-in-hand for centuries, beer and cider are becoming increasingly popular cheese suitors. Whilst a creamy Double Brie pairs well with a malty blonde beer, a Camembert is well-matched with a hoppy IPA which will emphasise its earthy flavours.


    Upgrade your cheese game with the Président pairings guide. Save the image on your phone as a handy reference next time you’re in the supermarket or stick it on the fridge for all to see! Whether you’re hosting a wine-and-cheese party or just want to pick the right tipple to enjoy with your favourite fromage, our guide will help you plan the perfect partner list.


    We recommend trialling a few couplings until you discover your perfect match. À la vôtre!


    Perfect Wine and Beer pairings with Président Cheese types - Infographic

    Download the PDF version here


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