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  • Increase Your Cheese IQ | Vocabularly to Describe Your Cheese

    Increase Your Cheese IQ - Vocabularly to Describe Your Cheese

    Increase Your Cheese IQ | Vocabularly to Describe Your Cheese

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    Decipher your barnyardy from your yeasty.


    If you’ve ever walked into a cheese shop and felt like the cheesemonger is speaking a different language, you’re not alone. But tasting cheese needn’t be an intimidating experience. Instead, have fun broadening your palate and enhancing your appreciation for gourmet flavours.


    Below is a list of the most common adjectives used to describe the flavour and aroma of cheese, designed to provide you with fun vocabulary to describe and discuss cheese with your friends and family. It’s like a cheese-only dictionary, which is clearly far more interesting than any ordinary dictionary!



    Nut-like, most characteristic of Swiss-type cheeses.

    Nutty Flavour Cheese most characteristic of Swiss-type cheeses - Président Cheese Australia



    Reminiscent of mushrooms or soil, grass or the forest floor – goat’s cheese.

    Goat Cheese with Earthy flavour - Président Cheese Australia



    The scent of jasmine, lavender, etc. – Cheddar cheese.

    Cheddar cheese with scent of jasmine, lavendar - Président Cheese Australia



    Tasting of sugar or honey – mascarpone.

    Mascarpone cheese with a sweet taste - Président Cheese Australia



    The smell of a wine cellar and the aroma of baking bread – Président Camembert.




    Like walking into a barn filled with animals – aged goat’s cheese.

    Barnyardy an aged goat’s cheese - Président Cheese Australia



    Fragrant and sweet with pineapple notes – Baby Swiss, Aged Cheddars, Parmesan.

    Baby Swiss, Aged Cheddars & Parmesan fruity flavour cheese - Président Cheese Australia



    A pungent, biting flavour, but not overpowering – gorgonzola.

    Gorgonzola with pungent & biting flavour - Président Cheese Australia



    An assertive flavour or aroma, generally stronger than sharp – blue cheese.

    Piquant blue cheese with an assertive flavour - Président Cheese Australia



    Bloomy rind cheeses are generally creamy and buttery with a hint of sautéed white button mushroom – Président Camembert.




    A mild, milky taste and smooth texture – Président Double Brie.

    Président Double Brie Creamy cheese with mild & milky taste



    A hint of caramelised onions in the background – Président Comté.



    Maybe not so good:

    • Bit melty
    • Doritoesque
    • Hard
    • Smells funny
    • Do I eat the skin?

    Now all that’s left to do is throw a cheese-tasting party in celebration!

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