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    First things first: you don’t need a special occasion to indulge in sparkling and fine fromage!


    Traditionally, when it comes to pairing food and wine, most of us tend to stick to the classic red and white wines. But sparkling is one of the best wine matches for many varieties of cheese. The wine’s bubbly effervescence beautifully cuts through the richness and creaminess of the cheese whilst its acidity keeps your palate refreshed, ready for more cheese! And of course, there’s the celebratory feel that sparkling wines add to any occasion.


    We’re sharing our secrets to this perfect pairing with a handy downloadable guide on the best sparkling wines for our different styles of cheese, from Double Brie to Comté, Camembert to Rondelé. That means you’ll have every excuse to bring out the fromage and pop the cork!


    From girls’ nights to casual weekend brunches with your partner, simply take the guide with you on your next shopping trip, buy a few Président cheeses and try a few of the celebratory pairings. When choosing your sparkling, you needn’t feel confined to Champagne as there is also a huge variety of fabulous home-grown sparkling wine options that will complement your Président cheese.


    Experiment and have fun until you find the match that works for you. We recommend serving your Président cheese at room temperature and your sparkling chilled, accompanied with some dried fruit and crackers for a truly memorable combination!


    So, let’s raise a glass to the crisp taste of sparkling wine and the délicieux flavour of Président cheese.


    À la vôtre!


    Président Double Brie


    Président Camembert


    Président Comté


    Président Rondelé with Walnuts



    You’re fully prepared to discover an exciting world of new flavours and aromas! Why not select one or more Président pairings and prepare a tasting at home, surprise your partner one weeknight, or experiment with the most daring match for your next celebration? The contrast between sparkling wine’s bright acidity and Président cheese’s gourmet taste will have you toasting the delicious duo in no time!


    Download complete PDF here.


    Did you know?


    Only sparkling that has been manufactured in the Champagne region of France, east of Paris, using the traditional ‘method champenoise’ (Champagne making process) can be called Champagne.

    This is similar to Comté cheese, a carefully crafted French cheese that has been manufactured in the Franche-Comté region of Eastern France.



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