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    Discover Camembert

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    Camembert has a long and colourful (and delicious!) history dating back to 1791. Since its humble beginnings, the popularity of the soft cheese has spread across the globe. We explore the background, taste, texture and perfect pairings in our celebration of Camembert.



    Originating in Normandy, France, the soft fromage began with a local woman named Marie Harel in 1791. The legend tells that Marie housed a refractory priest in need of shelter during the French Revolution and, having lived in Brie himself, he offered her advice in cheese-making. From basic beginnings, Camembert has become the most favoured cheese in the world, being enjoyed across many countries and many tables.


    Président Camembert has a long history dating back to 1933. French butter churn maker André Besnier gave up his trade to focus on the craft of cheese making. On his first day he collected 34 litres of milk and crafted it into 17 Le Petit Lavallois Camembert cheeses, the first batch of what would later become famous Président Camembert cheeses. Fourteen years later, Besnier developed his business and began to commercially craft various cheeses and butter. When he passed away suddenly in 1955, his son took over the business and developed the Président brand with his father’s recipes and reputation as the driving factors. Almost 50 years later, Président has become the #1 cheese brand in France and is loved all over the world for its rich, delicious tastes and range.



    Président Camembert is made using the traditional Normandy method, with the only exception being we use pasteurised milk. The bloomy rind of the cheese encases a smooth, creamy cheese with mild flavour. However, the longer it is left to age and ripen, the more pungent and bold the flavour becomes.



    Président Camembert is deliciously versatile, and its pairings can be well matched to all palates, whether they be sweet toothed or prefer a savoury taste. Likewise, with beverages, Camembert can be paired with a range of drinks for all tastes.


    For a sweet indulgence, enjoy a platter of berries, grapes, apples and pears, drizzled with honey and served with delicious creamy slices of Président Camembert. For those who prefer a more savoury snack, Président Camembert is perfectly complemented by cured meats, a crusty baguette and nuts.


    The earthy, intense flavour of this soft cheese pairs well with a variety of wines, again, whether you prefer sweet or savoury. Try a sweet, bubbly wine, or a dry, crisp beverage to complement your Président Camembert, you can find our list of pairings here.



    Our latest Camembert addition is the delectable, spreadable Crème de Camembert. The smoothness of this spread can be enjoyed in a variety of delicious ways. Pour Président Crème de Camembert into your next pasta dish for a rich and creamy taste. Another idea is to spread on dark rye and top with crisp salad toppings of your choice for a delicious, indulgent sandwich. Get creative with this delightfully luxurious cheese!


    Président Camembert is one of our most versatile cheeses and can be used in a variety of ways, for a variety of occasions! Bon appétit!

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