The Doctors 2014 Riesling Wine pairing with Président Double Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

The Doctors’ 2014 Riesling

Dr John Forrest is a former neurophysiologist who gave up medicine to make wine in Marlborough with his medico wife, Brigid, at Forrest Wines. He is a riesling master and under The Doctors’ label produces one of the most awarded rieslings in New Zealand.

The 2014 vintage created a zinger riesling, noticeably sweet but refreshing too with racy acidity. It’s made for Président Double Brie. Part of the wine’s ability to marry with the cheese is its lower alcohol, nine per cent, which allows fruit to come to the fore: fresh peaches, lime sorbet, red apple and apple blossom florals.

There’s tension too – “I love that word,” says Dr Forrest – or an energy to the wine, an interplay of acid, fruit and tannin that contributes a lively bounce to the mouthfeel. The wine/cheese combination works so well, especially the melding of textures and the bright finish. Just don’t over chill the riesling.





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