Golden Axe pairing Cider pairing with Président Double Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

Golden Axe

The soft acidity, the rising juicy appleyness and fresh fruit appeal of this cider acts in contrast to the earthy, rich Président Double Brie, cutting through the dense creaminess and rind and leaving the mouth clean and invigorated.

Fuji, golden delicious, sundowner and granny smith apples are the sole ingredients, all sourced from throughout Victoria. Fermentation was clean, no oxidation was allowed, and the result is a lightly fizzy, crisp cider. Golden Axe presents pale, almost neutral in colour with persistent bubbles. Vibrant apple meets the nose along with florals and subtle confectionery notes. The best ciders are as natural as can be. That means no added sugar or fruit concentrates. You want the flavour of the fruit to shine through. Golden Axe cider is relatively new, launching in 2012 in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran by a bunch of self-proclaimed “beverage geeks” in search of a clean, fresh, crunchy “appley” cider. They deliver.





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