Grand Ridge Natural Blonde Beer pairing with Président Double Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

Grand Ridge Natural Blonde

The Grand Ridge Natural Blonde brings the brewing emphasis to the wheat and barley rather than malt, delivering a spiciness that melds well with the undoubted complexity of Président Double Brie.

From the state that kick started the whole crazy craft beer phenomenon, comes a Belgian style blonde wheat beer or witbier made for cheese matching. Grand Ridge Brewery, based in Gippsland, is one of Victoria’s most creative brewers with a strong feel for what works when it comes to beer and food.

Love the shade of light gold, the cloudiness, the orange peel, honey florals on the nose and the burst of citrus on the palate. Natural Blonde is made with an infusion of coriander bringing an unusual spiced herbal note that lifts it above the average. It’s the spice a long with a pleasant tang that so entices as a cheese match, bringing something to the cheese on its own account.





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