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  • The Proper Cut | How to Slice Cheese at Home

    The Proper Cut | How to Slice Cheese at Home

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    Helping you navigate one of the most sacred areas of traditional French cuisine: the cheese course.


    You’ve selected the very finest cheese. You’ve arranged it perfectly on a beautiful new board and then…the conundrum. Where to make the first incision? And what about the daunting moment when you’re the first to take their knife to that sumptuous, untouched wedge of camembert?


    At Président, we take the mystery out of serving your specialty cheese and help you avoid a major faux-pas.


    The logic behind the slicing of cheese


    There is a reason why cheese must be sliced in a certain way: to ensure an even distribution between rind and centre. The taste is usually more pungent the closer you get to the rind, and you also want to be polite and leave some soft centre for everybody without removing the most coveted morsel – the tip. Quelle horreur!


    Check out our helpful Slideshare below to discover the best way to slice your cheeses – from rounded to rectangular – and entertain like a seasoned pro.



    Finally, remember to slice your cheese right before serving and keep in mind not to saw the cheese, but to slice in one fluid motion. Use knives suited to each type of cheese for ease and to avoid cross-contamination.

    There you have it, no more ruining of your fine cheese with sub-par slicing. Enjoy!

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