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    Easy Entertaining | Président Cheese

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    The festive period is almost here which means it’s that time of year when we want to spend quality time with friends and family, eat drink and be merry.


    Entertaining at home over Christmas is all about celebrating with friends and family. From garden gatherings to pre-Christmas catch-ups with friends, we’re in favour of a laid-back approach to entertaining. But what we put on the table does remain important. High-quality produce and delicious accompaniments served well are what will make your occasions special.


    Christmas is an ideal opportunity to let cheese take centre stage. Whether you prefer the creaminess of Double Brie or the versatility of Comté, you can rely on Président cheese to add sophistication to your table.


    It’s worth noting that when entertaining at home, it always pays to plan ahead. The last thing you want to be doing is making a mad dash to the store on Christmas Eve, when the shelves are bare and you’d rather be at home pouring yourself a glass of sparkling. Stock up on your Président cheese in advance and you’ll have a repertoire of fabulous quick recipes on-hand to make your gatherings extra special.


    Here are some of our favourite ways to give cheese a starring role:


    Easy Cheeseboards




    Keep guests satisfied as they socialise with a Président cheeseboard that can be prepared in advance. The array of cheese and accompaniments always looks impressive but, secretly, the preparation couldn’t be easier! Make like the French and keep things simple: place a variety of blue, soft, hard and semi-hard cheeses on a serving board then simply bring them out of the fridge about an hour before guests arrive so the cheese is at room temperature. When you’re ready, add your choice of crackers, cured meats, olives, nuts and fruit for some delicious flavour combinations. With no cooking required, you can spend your time outside enjoying the sunshine, rather than slaving away in the kitchen!


    The BBQ




    The question on everyone’s lips,

    “What should I bring?”

    Your contribution to a summer celebration needn’t translate to hours at the stove! Whether you’re visiting the in-laws or hosting yourself, preparing a set of easy-to-make dishes means you can enjoy every moment. Your Président cheese can be served alone in small slices, added to salads or used in many recipes such as gourmet spreadable cheese canapés, Brie and quince jam tartines and prosciutto-wrapped Brie–guaranteed to please a festive crowd!


    Boxing Day Bites




    The pressure of Christmas Day lunch is over and everyone’s feeling stuffed – now Boxing Day and beyond is all about minimal exertion. One of our favourite ideas for uncomplicated entertaining is a selection of simple dips and nibbles. Try creamy Rondelé dipped with crackers, bread sticks or veggies – sometimes, all it takes are a few high-quality elements to really shine. Plus, you’ll almost always have these staples in your fridge so it’s perfect for when unexpected guests drop by!


    Recover and Relax




    After weeks of preparation and celebration, some down time is just what the doctor ordered. A simple yet delicious dinner idea is a Président baked Double Brie or Camembert. Simply heat as they are or jazz them up with some honey and a sprinkling of nuts. Bake in the oven or grill atop the barbeque until gooey in the middle then serve with anything you like–we highly recommend some crusty ciabatta for dipping. Délicieux!


    Et voilà! We hope you and your guests enjoy these ideas – wishing you all a happy Christmas and New Year!

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