Président Cheese Australia - Emmental Yellow Cheese


‘Swiss’ Cheese was developed as a generic name, first in North America and then everywhere else, for any cheeses that even mildly resembled Emmental – a medium hard, yellow cheese that originated in Switzerland.

Swiss Cheese has quite a distinctive look, mainly recognised by its holes – also known as ‘eyes’. History tells us that these ‘eyes’ were originally seen as faults in the cheesemaking process, however times have changed and they’re now an identifier for the cheese. Longer maturation creates bigger eyes and this usually comes with a slightly stronger flavour. Like its original cousin from Switzerland, Swiss Cheese is enjoyed for its mild and nutty flavour.

There are two variations of American Swiss. Baby Swiss which is made from whole milk and Lacy Swiss made from low fat milk. Both are dotted with holes and have a mild flavour. The versatility of Swiss as a cooking, sandwich, salad and table cheese makes it a firm family favourite.

As with all cheeses, it should be wrapped in waxy parchment and sealed in an airtight container before storing in the fridge.