Dating way back to the Bronze Age, Ricotta Cheese was originated in Italy with its named derived from the Italian word ‘recocta’.

Originally made from sheep’s milk, Ricotta Cheese is more commonly made from unripened cow’s milk. It has a fresh, high moisture style cheese with a thick creamy texture and a sweet milk flavour. Although it has a cunning resemblance to Cottage Cheese, it’s is noticeably different in flavour and texture as it’s made from whey.

The beauty of Ricotta Cheese is that it can be used for sweet or savoury, however don’t count it out from being served on a cheese board, fresh with ripe fruit – delicious.

Due to its short shelf life, Ricotta Cheese is best bought in small portions and Ricotta is best eaten within days but can be stored for a week or so in the fridge – as long as it is in a tightly sealed container. Check for discolouration though. Any sign of yellowing means it should be discarded.