Often confused with Swiss Emmental because of its irregular holes – or ‘eyes’, Jarlsberg is actually of Norwegian origin – and is sweeter and stronger flavoured than its Swiss look-alike.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the similarity, is that it was actually developed by Swiss cheesemakers who moved to Norway in the 19th century, although now the cheese is firmly established as a Norwegian icon.

Made from pasteurised cows’ milk, beneath its yellow wax rind Jarlsberg has a semi-firm, pale yellow centre, with a buttery texture and a clean, nutty flavour.

Because it melts so easily, it’s a perfect all-purpose cheese, losing none of its flavour when it’s melted on toast or added to pasta or other hot dishes. It’s also fast becoming one of the most popular table cheeses right around the world.

Wrapped in waxy parchment and sealed in plastic wrap, Jarlsberg will keep for up to 3 weeks in the fridge and can be frozen for even longer.