Président Cheese Australia - Haloumi White Cheese


Often thought of as a Greek Cheese, Haloumi actually hails from Cyprus where it has been made since at least 395 AD.

Traditionally made from a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk – and these days – cows’ milk too, it is a firm, slightly springy white cheese with a texture similar to Mozzarella and a strong salty flavour developed from being preserved in brine.

Because it has a high melting point, Haloumi can be easily fried or grilled. This removes its saltiness and creates a deliciously creamy texture that is perfect on its own or in salads. But in Cyprus it is generally served with watermelons as a refreshing snack in the summer months. It’s also an essential ingredient in Cypriot Meze.

The secret to storing Haloumi, is brine. As long as it is fully immersed in brine in the fridge it will merely continue to age. You can even freeze it in its brine for up to a year.