Président Cheese Australia - Cheddar


Dating back to the old days, Cheddar Cheese was originally only crafted and created in England. However today, it is now manufactured all over the world!

Unlike other cheeses such as Camembert or Brie, whose name is protected, Cheddar Cheese can be manufactured anywhere in the world and still be label Cheddar by its artisan manufacturers.

Made from cow’s milk, Cheddar Cheese is the most commonly purchased and eaten cheese all over the world. It has a hard yet crumbly texture and if eaten at a young age, the texture is smooth. For those that desire a more robust and sharper flavour, allow the cheese to mature over a period between 9 to 24 months.

Surprisingly, Cheddar Cheeses natural colour is a white to pale yellow cheese, however is manually transformed to its vibrant yellow-orange colour. Cheddar goes perfectly with crackers and a sparkling cider on a summer’s day. Purchase in small amounts and store it wrapped in waxy parchment and sealed in a plastic container in the fridge.