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  • Indulge in Président Crème de Brie

    Indulge in Président Crème de Brie

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    New Président Crème de Brie is the ultimate in cheese indulgence. Made from Président Brie, the new spreadable version is deliciously creamy and perfect for any occasion.




    There is nothing quite like a wine and cheese night to wind down the working week, and to welcome in the weekend. Crème de Brie brings the two things we love most together: luxurious taste and smooth creamy cheese. Délicieux! But what if you didn’t have to wait until the end of the week to indulge?


    • Crème de Brie is the perfect companion to hearty potato dishes. The rich, creamy taste melts in the mouth and perfectly complements hot steaming potatoes. Add Crème de Brie to your next potato bake or scalloped potatoes. The creamy base will be enriched by the brie and you will soon have a luxurious new favourite recipe!
    • Great for appetisers or canapés, these choux pastries filled with Crème de Brie tzatziki will be sure to impress, and are a delicious unique take on a traditionally sweet dish.
    • Add a luxurious touch to your next sandwich. A warm, fresh baguette with thin slices of turkey, rocket, cranberry sauce and Crème de Brie will be the perfect indulgence!
    • The oozy texture is a perfect makeshift fondue. The traditionally Swiss dish is luxurious and warming, and Crème de Brie is the perfect speedy substitute. Tasty with fresh fruit, crackers and crusty bread to dip, Crème de Brie is deliciously versatile. Bon appétit!




    Just as important as the cheese itself is the wine that complements it. Brie is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, and matches perfectly with a range of different wines. Or for those who prefer a beer, we’ve also collated some complementary tastes. These are just some examples that will stimulate your palate:


    • A fruity rosé
    • Chardonnay
    • Fruity red wines, such as pinot noir
    • Champagne or other sparkling wine
    • Stout, Berliner or a Scotch Ale – for the beer connoisseur
    • Pear or apple cider, for a refreshing, summery drink


    Whether you’re wanting to spend the weekend celebrating with friends, spending time with a loved one or simply having some you time, enjoy Crème de Brie whatever the occasion. Délectable!

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