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  • Cheese Knives – The Président Guide

    Cheese knives – The Président Guide

    Cheese Knives – The Président Guide

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    Every cheese deserves its own knife.


    No matter what your favourite type of cheese–hard, soft, semi-soft–the knife you serve it with can help you and your guests enjoy your selection.


    Cheese knives are generally made of stainless steel, with a wooden handle.


    Knives made for cutting soft and semi-soft cheese have a blade which is broader in the middle and becomes narrower at the base. A soft cheese knife will have a serrated edge in order that the cheese does not stick to the blade, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of each slice for the best presentation.


    Hard cheeses, however, require a tougher blade, such as a cleaver or cheese spade, which can withstand the hardness of the cheese.


    Below you’ll find the Président guide to cheese knives–a handy infographic to help you choose the right tools for the job!



    Download the PDF version here


    So, unless like goat cheese that tastes like Roquefort with a hint of Brie, using the right knife for every portion is vital. Bon appétit!

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