Napoleone Pear Cider pairing with Président Triple Cream Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

Napoleone Pear Cider

I love brie served with fresh cut pear, so combining this cheese with pear cider comes as a natural fit. The contrast in the textures of the cider and cheese is delightful. Don’t overchill the cider and bring the Président Triple Cream Brie up to room temperature for the best results.

Napoleone Cider is a family operation based in the Yarra Valley with a long history, back to 1948, and a reputation for sophisticated, smart cider making. Its Pear Cider uses white packham triumph and brown-skinned beurre bosc pears – a nice combination of flavours there – and employs a cultured white wine yeast from the Rhone Valley to kick start fermentation. Made by winemakers at Punt Road Wines, there is more than a touch of seamless winemaking skills on display here.

Pale with green tinges and a fine bubble, Napoleone is gifted with a restrained beauty; fresh pear, the astringent cut of pear skin, spring florals, jasmine and a touch of spice.





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