2014 Longview Boat Shed Nebbiolo Rosato wine pairing with Président Triple Cream Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

Longview 2014 Boat Shed Nebbiolo Rosato

Australian rosé is at the top of its game, made in as many different styles as the grapes employed will allow, from the full red berry sweep of a pinot noir to the dry, earthy charm of cabernet sauvignon. Light bodied reds like rosé are low in tannins, definitely a good thing when looking to match soft cheeses like Président Triple Cream Brie. They don’t fight each other in the mouth and the fruity delicacy acts as a counterpoint to the cheese’s mild saltiness.

The Longview 2014 Boat Shed Nebbiolo Rosato does the job particularly well.

Sourced from the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills, the winemaker has chosen nebbiolo, the Piedmontese grape behind Barolo, for the rosé base. It’s inspirational, delivering a deliciously crunchy wine. The pale salmon colour, the aroma of tomato leaf, herbs and the scent of wild strawberries make for an inviting introduction. A dry, cherry-berry tang with light herbals fills the mouth finishing with a snap of acidity.





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