Celtic Red Ale Wine pairing with Président Triple Cream Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

Celtic Red Ale

Lively as it is, I really like the way the savouriness of red ale works with Président Triple Cream Brie, cutting through the pillowy creaminess with some great textural moves all of its own. My cheese partner here is the distinctive Celtic Red Ale made at Beechworth’s Bridge Road Brewery.

As the brewers’ gift to the world of gastronomy. If it were a wine it would be a complex, honeyed Sauternes or a sparkling shiraz; chock full of flavour and VROOM.

It was originally created for the town’s annual Celtic Festival but its popularity with Celts and non-Celts alike turned it into a year round brew. That’s a big stamp of approval right there. Made in the Irish Red Ale style, it arrives with eye-catching boldness; a flash of burnished red-brown colour.

Red ale’s sweet, aromatic hop characters on the nose lead into fuller richness on the palate with a savoury meat yeastiness moving into caramel malt to stimulate the taste buds. Smooth as.





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