2013 Houghton White Classic Wine pairing with Président Triple Cream Brie Cheese - Cheese & Alcohol Pairings

2013 Houghton White Classic

The pristine acidity in the 2013 Houghton White Classic is balanced against the creamy richness of Président Triple Cream Brie, yet the sweetness and freshness of fruit in the wine is accentuated by the mildness of the cheese.

In 1937 Jack Mann, one of Australia’s great winemakers of the 20th Century, won first prize at the Royal Melbourne Wine Show for his “full flavoured white burgundy wine”. The historic Houghton White Classic has been in production for over 75 years and is one of Australia’s most venerable wine labels.

Based on Chenin Blanc, and other varieties, this cool-fermented wine has always performed well above its price point winning gold medals regularly at Australian wine shows. With its lifted aromatic lemon, lime, tropical fruit, tonic water aromas, juicy long flavours and crunchy acidity, it offers wonderful fruit complexity and vitality.

Houghton White Classic has a great reputation for medium-term cellaring. It develops lemon curd toasty elements and builds more richness on the palate with age.





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